Hydro Pumps – Solar 70 – DC Solar Borehole Pump


Model Name: Hydro Solar 70


Model Name: Hydro Solar 70

“Harness the power of the sun”
This submersible solar pump is suitable to extract water from boreholes, wells and rivers.
It uses only sunlight to drive the brushless DC motor.
The optimum head for this pump is 0 – 60 meters high.
Maximum head: 80m
You can expect flows of between 1500 liters/hour to 300 liters/hour, depending on the hight being pumped.
(See the flow chart on the second image)

What’s in the box:
– Pump and Motor.
– Solar Control Box.
– 2 x Float switches for automatic operation.
– Cable joint kit.
– Spare Stator and Impeller.

Features and specifications:
– Stainless Steel Casing, Pump, Rotor and Shaft.
– Graphite Bearings.
– 100% Copper Windings.
– Wear-resistant rubber stator.
– 350w DC Brushless Motor
– Runs from 2 x 250w / 30v solar pv panel. (not included)

Working Conditions:
– Non-corrosive water with sand content less than 1%
– Maximum water temperature = 40 degrees Celsius.
– PH Capability = 6.5 – 8.5
– Minimum Submersion = 1 Meter
– Maximum Submersion = 30 Meters

This pump only uses DC Power (Solar panels or Batteries) and cannot run on utility (Eskom / Generator) power.


12cmH 53cmL 70W 12.5kg